What is a Mini-Gaming Notebook?

So you want to build a gaming PC, but you’re not sure what the specifications of what is a mini gaming PC are. Mini means little and it refers to a smaller chip – so it may be called a minicomputer. But what else do we need to know?

First What Makes a Traditional Gaming Computer?

The chips inside the typical gaming computer are a lot more powerful than what is a mini-version. So they are typically a lot bigger. They also tend to have more memory and more storage. And they use a different architecture altogether. So that can make a big difference when building the system that you need for gaming.

Now On To A Mini-Gaming PC

So, let’s talk about what is a mini gaming PC then. There are two main parts to it. One is the microprocessor. This controls all the central processing unit and is the heart of your gaming PC. The second part is what is known as the chassis.

These are what hold the parts of your computer together. It is filled with various coolants to help with heat dissipation and dissipates electricity. Typically, the chassis will be made of metal, plastic, or some other material that allows air to flow around and move heat away from the components.


Then there is the motherboard. This is what actually does the gaming. It controls the computer and carries out various commands. It carries an interface with the CPU so that it can communicate with the games software. This then allows the user to control the computer with the keyboard and mouse.

Memory And Storage

Now, onto the memory and storage. These are what you will use to play the game. Usually, a 500 MB hard drive is good for gaming. More memory can be purchased if needed. Both internal and external hard drives are available for the mini-gaming PC. Sometimes, one will come as a built-in option, but other times, they will need to be purchased separately.

Optical Drive

An optical drive will usually come with the mini-gaming PC. These will be read by the game and then uploaded to the user’s hard drive. Either a CD or DVD burner may also be included. Depending on the software, sometimes both these devices are needed. Then, the additional functionality will come with the gaming notebook PC, such as wireless card capabilities, sound card, a web camera, and so forth.

So, when considering what a mini gaming PC is, keep in mind all the different functions that have to be performed. This is not just a gaming computer. Many other functions can be done on this system when in comparison to an upright gaming system.

These units can come in any form you would like. Many mini notebooks come in the form of pen-sized units. Some have the ability to be folded down. Many mini gaming notebook PCs come in the form of the regular size of a standard notebook. These can easily be placed in a briefcase or purse.

For those on the go, there is the USB-powered mini-gaming notebook PC. These are great for those who do not want to deal with the wires. They are small and compact enough that they can be carried around with ease. Even the rechargeable batteries are small and light, which makes them easily portable.

However, there is no need to worry about the power of a mini gaming notebook PC. Most do not generate the same kind of wattage that an upright model would. They are still just as powerful. The only difference is that the mini-notebooks come with many extra features and capabilities. Many of these are geared towards making the gaming experience more enjoyable.

Mini-Gaming PC: A Great Way to Play

If you need to play at high settings, you will definitely want a mini gaming notebook PC. This is great for playing single-player games that are simple but can take a while to complete. If you are an avid multiplayer player, then you may want a higher wattage unit. Either way, mini-notebooks are the perfect choice for gamers on the go. They are easy to carry and are more affordable than most other options.