Comments from some of our   satisifed customers.

 “CFS has been great to work with in getting computers at Rolling Green School. Our computers are in a lab setting, plus some teachers like to have 2-4 in their classrooms as a mini-lab.”

Ken Held, Principal, Rolling Green School

”We have various computer needs throughout the schoo year that have been filled by Computers for Schools. We just put in the request and they match up their inventory with our request. When the request is complete, we arrange for the computers to be picked-up. It is just that easy.”

Jill Davis, Principal, Eisenhower Middle School.


"Thank you for your generous gift of a classroom computer! As a science teacher, my students are always using computers to process scientific data. An additional computer in my classroom will provide my students another opportunity to learn. Your gift of a classroom computer will give my students increased access to word processing and the "World Wide Web".

Needless to say, your gift will be well used."

Trey Fisk, Physics and Mathematics Teacher Rockford Lutheran High School



Grace Luthern After School Program provides a place for these kids to hone their computer skills.

We even send computers to schools outside of the US. These happy kids are in Ecuador.

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