Our goal is to put your equipment to the best possible use. We refurbish recently retired computers for schools, not-for-profits and homes.


  • Refurbish: Fortunately we receive many high quality systems that are in good working order. If your system meets our minimum specifications and is in good working order we will refurbish it and provide it to our clients, priced for cost recovery and confident in the best possible user experience. Refurbishing includes testing the hardware, installing a new operating system and a complete set of user applications, and then testing the whole system. Our testing procedures are demanding so that we can offer a 3 month software/hardware replacement guarantee. With care and concern, each refurbished computer becomes a valuable tool.
  • Reuse: Not all systems are acceptable for refurbishing, but we reuse as much as we can. Typically we reuse hard drives, memory and monitors. If we have more good components than we can use or if we receive high quality equipment that would not be useful, we may resell those items to help keep our costs as low as possible.                                                                                                                   
  • Recycle: That which we can not reuse or refurbish will be recycled for its material content.  

We believe this is the greenest possible treatment of your equipment.

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