Disk Erase


POLICY: We utilize a disk erasure utility that is US Department of Defense 5220.22 M compliant for completeness of data destruction of the information on the disk*. Once the drive has been erased in this manner it is impossible for data to be recovered from the drive. At this point we are able to treat the drive as refurbished (factory fresh) for the purposes of rebuilding a computer. If you would prefer that the drive itself is completely destroyed due to your concern over your data, we are able to accommodate that as well (please contact us for details).


  • We wipe all hard drives for no charge. $.00        
  • We use the highest quality software to do so.

You can do this yourself with a free utility called KillDisk (www.killdisk.com)


  • We also offer "Full Reporting" for $10.00.

            * If you would like confirmation of the date and time when your hard drive is               wiped, we will send you a report for a $10.00 fee.

            * Payment is due when the equipment is dropped off.


Remember that your hard drive will be wiped whether or not you request full reporting.


*When we receive a donated computer, we wipe the hard drive in compliance with HIPAA and a Certificate of Erasure as per Department of Defense standard 5220.22-M (3X overwrite) is generated automatically only upon successful 100% erasure of the entire hard drive.



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