Rockford Computers For Schools Board of Directors:  

Founder: Allen Ginsburgh      President/Treasure: Steven Showers      Vice President/Secretary: Jack Armstrong  

Board:    Gary Pasch           Chuck Gorsuch           Don Williams


Some of our trusty volunteers hard at work!


Rockford Computers For Schools is a completely volunteer organization and over 300 hours per month are logged by a number of interested individuals from throughout the community. No member of the organization is compensated for his or her work.


Making donations

If you are interested in donating computer equipment or serving as a volunteer to aid in the implementation, solicitation or logistics of the RCFS program, please click on Contact Us or Donate Computer. There is a charge for recycling computers and related equipment that cannot be refurbished. Monetary donations from individuals, schools and/or PTOs are also welcomed for the expense of replacement parts, recycling, and general operations.

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