Rockford Computers for Schools will close its doors on March 30, 2019.   No recycling material will be accepted after January 31, 2019.   Orders for computers will continue to be accepted until February 16 2019. 

Allen Ginsberg, a former engineer at Sunstrand Aviation (UTC), established Rockford Computers for Schools (RCFS) in 1997. RCFS provided computers for schools and other educational purposes in the Rockford area.  Computers donated from individuals and businesses were refurbished by RCFS volunteers.  Over 8,155 computers have been supplied.  More than 550 tons of computer equipment were accepted for recycling.  This kept that material out of landfills.

Thanks to the many organizations and individual who donated computer material, which helped RCFS over 20 years.  Many thanks to all of the volunteers who donated many hours of their time for this 501 3© organization



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  The Mission


Rockford Computers for Schools Program (RCFS) is to improve the opportunities for all children to use technology to expand, increase, and enrich their learning experiences.


  The Program


Provides donated pre-owned and referbished computers from local individuals or businesses to schools in the Rock River Region and surrounding area. The use of donated computers and equipment greatly expands student access to technology.

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